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1. Sawing

Solid wood boards – sometimes as much as 7 cm thick – arrive at the sawmill, where they are sawn into blocks ready for further processing. The blocks are sent to the milling department, where they are sawn into correctly sized pieces. Each block makes up one half of a hanger. We use the cuttings as fuel in our boiler, so no material or energy is wasted.

2. milling

We have an extensive fleet of the latest numerically controlled machines. This allows us to choose the right machine for each model and for the type of work to be carried out. At this stage, the wooden blocks are lathed to produce the shape of the finished hanger.

3. bonding

Each hanger consists of two halves, which are colour-matched. The line manager’s expert eye picks out the halves with the most similar wood grain. This is done almost entirely manually and requires excellent judgement.

4. sanding

Sanding can be done by hand or using robots and is then finished manually, depending on the model. For highly detailed products, we prefer the sanding to be done by our twin robots to ensure pinpoint precision. Final approval still lies with the operator who inspects each piece.

5. varnishing

This process is half mechanical, half manual. The operator carefully sands the varnished product, removing any imperfections to leave the surface of the hanger smooth and even.

6. laser engraving

Using the latest laser equipment, we can reproduce any logo – no matter how complex and detailed – with the utmost precision. Each hanger can be fully customised using the technology at our disposal.

7. packaging

After adding the accessories – hooks, clips, bars, non-slip fabric, etc. – the hangers undergo final quality control. Products that pass the inspection are individually packed and protected with special material, and are finally ready to ship.