Corporate social responsibility

By tradition, in Toscanini we have always taken care to limit our production’s impact on natural resources. A cost limitation strategy that aligns with a respectful approach to the planet in which we live; the desire to protect nature and its resources is also a form of affection towards the territory, Valsesia in our case, with its watercourses and woods.


We can all act responsibly; we can put policies and initiatives in place that make industrial production compatible with the environment. We play our part in this.

As an enterprise and as individuals, we feel the responsibility of safeguarding the environment in which we live and work and the people that inhabit it. With the creativity and technological capability that we have acquired over one hundred years of history, we always pay attention to the procedures we put in hand to protect natural resources and everyone’s health.


Our love of wood is one we have nurtured for a century. We know its species and their secrets, the beauty of its grain and shades of colour. That is why we are careful how we use it.

We use timber from controlled forests, independently evaluated by accredited bodies in conformity to the principles of sustainable forest management. Red cedar and Canaletto walnut, two species which we import from the United States are guaranteed by the carpentry workshops that supply them as coming from responsibly managed forests.


The certifications we have obtained are a part of a journey we share with everyone in the company to spread a culture of quality that pervades all our departments and working activities.

We protect the environment by following an organisational system based on agreed rules that have been laid down to avoid waste due to errors in production or management. Toscanini has obtained the UNI EN ISO9001 certification and has involved all company levels into creating and spreading a culture of quality and responsibility.


Every day we strive to reduce the risks associated with different manufacturing phases, we try out innovative solutions that ensure an impeccable performance in terms of quality and low environmental impact.

Technology helps nature: this is the case with the water-based varnishes we have adopted. Thanks to their eco-friendly formulation, we have cut down the use of solvents by 80% and limit residual scrap with a consequent reduction in transport and disposal costs. The care we take with the finishing of our products is also demonstrated by our choice of natural solutions like waxing with carnauba wax and treatments with natural oils.


The leather we use comes from certified Italian tanneries that do not use substances for working hides that pollute or harm the environment.

Our suppliers, selected in Italy for their quality and attention to the environment, hold the ISO 14001:2015 standard, which spells out the environmental management system that the organisation must use to develop and measure its environmental performance.


The commitment to reduce impact on the environment must be practical and measurable. As a company, we make sure every day that we behave and follow virtuous strategies inspired by the 3R philosophy.

As you travel along the road that winds along the Valsesia valley, the sight of the two big silos signals you that you are approaching Isolella, our home. Designed by Ettore Toscanini, these silos gather the shavings of wood from production and are used to power the burner that heats the offices and factory. Once painted in white and red stripes, today the twin silos are green and stand as icons of our commitment not to waste anything that past generations wisely achieved, a commitment that we feel is more contemporary than ever.


Another family passion: the recovery of the decommissioned hydroelectric power stations along the Sesia and Mastallone. In June 1986, after a long and meticulous restoration, the plant that gave its energy to the first light bulb in the Sacred Mountain of Varallo was brought back into service.

The intuition that clean energy produced by water would be of benefit not only to the territory but to the company impelled us to buy and modernise other power stations in Valsesia and set up new ones like the Oropa plant, which opened in 2012. Built at the foot of the famous sanctuary, it fits in perfectly with a park subject to strict landscape and environmental restrictions as well as being a UNESCO heritage site. Today the energy produced by our power stations is transferred to the electricity grid, helping to reduce the use of fossil fuels for energy requirements. Toscanini produces 20 times the amount of energy it needs itself.


As we know, plastic risks wrecking the fragile equilibrium of our planet and we are all called upon to play our part in reducing its consumption to the minimum. We have eliminated the use of plastic bottles.

In the Sixties, our employees used to bring a flask from home that they filled at the public wash-house at Isolella: the water was fresh and tasted good. Now, each employee has their personalised water flask that they fill with purified water from the company dispensers connected to the water mains. A  guarantee of being properly hydrated with fresh still or sparkling water while at the same time, doing away with plastic bottles. An advantage for everyone.


We have the privilege of living and working in a most beautiful place surrounded by woods and mountains and traversed by many watercourses. It is a landscape to which we are attached and that we want to preserve, bees included.

Every spring for 30 years, Paolo Dallari has been bringing his hives to the meadows behind our factory. The result of the intense work of his bees is a perfectly pure acacia honey, which encompasses in the sweetness of every drop, the value of ancient crafts and all the identity of Valsesia.