Elegant, long-lasting, quality, ergonomic and eco-friendly: wood beats plastic 100 to one

Elegant, long-lasting, quality, ergonomic and eco-friendly: wood beats plastic 100 to one

At Toscanini, we’ve been working with wood for over 100 years producing hangers that stand the test of time, transcending styles and protecting clothes. Over the course of a century, we have mastered the art of selecting the most diverse selection of wood and crafting it into ergonomic and elegant designs exalting the wood’s beautiful grain. Wood lives and beckons to be touched, wanting to share its warmth and scent and to be marveled. Our wooden hangers, personalized in shape, size and details like, for example, figures or logos, thus becoming almost like cult objects, to be kept and handed down.

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Differences between wooden and plastic hangers

There’s no competition between plastic and wooden hangers. Simply feel the weight of a Toscanini wooden hanger and you’ll understand the solidity of its material, a long-lasting guarantee of quality. Take a closer look at the details … the hook that is firmly screwed to the neck … the trouser rod that is covered with its unique velvety fabric making sure garments don’t fall to the bottom of the closet. Look at how the varnish exalts the wood’s natural fibers. Run your hands over the hanger‘s smooth surface … all this thanks to the expert hands which have applied multiple layers of finish.

Imagine opening your closet and having all your garments, including those most delicate, hanging neatly on matching hangers, perfectly in tune with the style of your home and doing what they were designed to do: protect your garments, from the heaviest to the most delicate, from creases, wrinkles and signs left by wrong-sized and shaped hangers.

Wooden hangers for your store

If you’ve got a store, you can easily understand the visual impact of clothes on display hung in perfect order on beautifully crafted and finished wooden hangers can have. Perhaps they are even personalized with your logo for an even more luxurious effect. Indulge in the style of your space or showroom with a collection of wooden hangers designed to complement your furniture or even to contrast the colors. These are details that are by no means trivial. They have the power to enhance the quality, care and attention of your store or boutique and reinforce the customer’s experience.

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Details count: manufacturing wooden hangers

Unlike plastic clothes hangers, which are molded, Toscanini wooden hangers are individually turned and finished one by one at each step of our production. This process allows us to check each and every detail as well as to get rid of any flaws. The solidity of the wood, the scrupulous attention to the curved radius of the shoulders, the height of the neck or the slight curve of the back all ensure that each item is perfectly balanced. We are especially concerned about men’s coats or jackets that need particular care. The shoulders don’t get marked or unsightly creases on the neck. Toscanini wooden hangers also come with trouser rods, clips for skirts and pants and slim ones for hanging shirts, blouses or summer jackets.

Plastic hangers are mass-produced and do not have all the features of a Toscanini wooden hanger. They are not available in different sizes nor is it possible to personalize them down to the smallest detail like Toscanini can do. Plastic is cold while wood has a soul that best comes to life when it is transformed into long-lasting design pieces.

The benefits of wooden hangers

At Toscanini we work with different species of wood and understand their flexibility, color, resistance, weight and properties. For example, our red cedar wood coat hangers. Did you know that this beautiful wood can keep insects at bay and, at the same time, delicately perfume your closets with a subtle woody fragrance?

That is also why wood hangers are the perfect gift for a new home, wedding, birthday or christening. Yes, that’s right, even for christenings. Toscanini hangers are also available in baby size with lovely hand-painted details.

Lastly, as environmental issues have become increasingly pressing, wood hangers offer a number of reasons for being the right solution: they’re eco-friendly as they’re made from wood sourced from certified forests, manufacturing waste is recycled as it’s used to fuel our boiler, wood doesn’t pollute, and wood hangers last much longer than plastic hangers, which have to be correctly disposed of as they pose pollution hazards.

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