The story of our love of fashion has solid roots and is renewed with every new project that we accomplish together with the great brands in the fashion system.

We entered the world of fashion on tiptoe at the end of the 1980s, proud of being able to offer our clothes hangers to the great stylists who have written the story of international fashion.

Our relations have grown stronger and have developed over the years; we work with many of the leading international brands and the most prestigious couturiers, designing, with them and for them, clothes hangers and solutions for displaying garments and accessories in the boutiques and showrooms of cities all over the world.


We create clothes hangers that fit into the retail concept designed by visual merchandisers and architects for big fashion houses, objects that augment the brand’s personality.

We have the privilege of working with some of the major international stylists, architects and visual merchandisers. Over the years we have learned a lot from them and now we support them in creating and shaping objects that are indispensable for hanging their garments in harmony with the context, such as clothes hangers. We translate their desires into forms, interpreting their needs and anticipating their requests when at all possible. Our portfolio of clothes hangers for the fashion world is extremely vast and we are proud of each single piece we have produced.



Hang, display, present... each accessory needs a support and an instrument specially designed to show it at its best in a retail space.

Our collection is not limited to clothes hangers but includes a wide range of ancillary products and systems for hanging and displaying and giving prominence to even the most difficult garments and accessories, such as scarves and foulards, belts, boots and shoes. Elegant shapes fashioned in the most noble materials and with the most exquisite finishes and ingenious solutions to respond to all display problems.



The art of hanging and displaying requires special equipment that fulfils the function for which it has been designed but that is also capable of interpreting and fitting in with the space around it.

Our standers, hat stands, belt holders, glove racks and the other products in this collection are made to complete the range dedicated to retailers. They ensure that the forms of the clothes hangers match and harmonise with the other display equipment. A unique style that helps to give substance to the image of the outlet and the garments on show.



Abbiamo raccolto le nostre collezioni in cataloghi dedicati in cui scoprire la cura che poniamo in ogni dettaglio dei nostri portabiti e sistemi per appendere.

Dai portabiti in legno a quelli in plexiglas, alle collezioni specifiche per l’intimo e per i bimbi, vi invitiamo a scoprire i nostri prodotti scaricando i nostri cataloghi.

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