The world of fashion is made up of unique creations that want to be able to express themselves in a wide range of objects and solutions.

The desire to meet this wish has enabled us, over time, to create a rich portfolio of bespoke models specially conceived for the major fashion brands.

The personality of a brand is not limited to the garments it creates and proposes; it is a complex combination of absolute attention to detail that gives life to brand experiences in which everything, even the slightest detail, plays an important role.

We always listen very carefully to our clients’ requests and thoughts, and stand ready to seize on hints and ideas to return them in the form of exclusive clothes hangers that fit in perfectly with the concepts of their boutiques and showrooms.

We study forms, materials, finishes and customisations so that they are in tune with the spaces they are intended for. A fascinating process  that involves all our departments and combines design capability, imagination and technical skills. This is how some of the iconic pieces of our collection came into being, cornerstones of the art of transforming ideas into quality products.