Clothes hangers

We have transformed an object for daily use into a design product, the fruit of a long industrial process involving sensibility, craft skill and design ingenuity.

Our many partnerships with the fashion world have been fundamental for the development of the competencies and knowledge necessary to support fashion and visual merchandising professionals. Working side by side with big brands, we have grasped the dynamics of an environment that moves at breath-taking speed and where details and proportions are essential. We put our capacity for listening, our intuition and our sensibility at the disposal of this world, qualities that enable us to anticipate needs even when they have not yet been expressed.
Our experience in working with diverse materials and our extensive range of finishes and customisations always enable us to find the ideal product for any display space. Collaborating with the most important fashion houses in Naples, London and Rome, we have refined our products’ wearability.

As a result of working with prestigious lingerie and beach fashion brands, we have developed a collection of hangers that are specifically conceived for hanging and displaying underwear and bathing costumes so that they don’t move or slip.  Especially designed, delicate and invisible solutions even prevent the lightest and most delicate fabrics from moving so that they are displayed to the best effect. Petticoats, brassieres, slips and costumes all find the most suitable means of support.

Clothes hangers for men and women are part of our collections for the fashion world, designed to support garments and preserve their form. Different measurements, thicknesses and solutions make it possible to display suits, gowns, skirts and dresses and match them with the style of the space in which they are displayed. In wood or plexiglass or covered in fabric or leather, our clothes hangers become an intrinsic part of each brand’s retail concept.

We have been making clothes hangers for children  since the sixties. The proportions and solutions we have devised provide the right support for babies’ romper suits and children’s clothing, preventing them from slipping or hanging awkwardly. Tender motifs and special customisations recall the world of infancy, making each piece of clothing on display special.

Clothes hangers and typical shapes from the fifties, sixties and seventies are to be found in the “archives” of our warehouse. Objects that fit with the vintage style of many shops and sales spaces, carrying with them the beauty of a design that never goes out of fashion.