The most successful objects are those that capture the senses. We have produced clothes hangers covered in leather, fabric or crochet, objects with soft lines that enhance the sensuality of the material.

We have studied the saddlery world: the details and finishes of the master leather goods makers have inspired us profoundly, so much so that we have transferred them to our clothes hangers.

For the colours, we have imagined a painter’s palette, choosing not only warm and refined colours but also bright shades. The seams and hand stitching, as also the borders of the leather, can be in matching shades, or in contrasting colours for a more assertive look.

As well as soft leather covering, our clients can choose from among our fabric or crochet hangers for a more intimate or retro look. There are boundless colour combinations that allow extremely creative effects to be achieved.

Our clients are free to choose every detail so that the final result matches their wishes exactly.


Leather is a noble material, the result of a craft process that requires great sensibility and expertise. Fabric and crochet coverings are two techniques with a yesteryear flavour that make clothes hangers innovative and extremely creative. Imagination can indulge its whims.

The nappa we use to cover our clothes hangers is soft and elegant and lends itself to the creation of luxury objects whose details are studied to enhance the sensation of exclusiveness. With the fabrics we choose from the range offered by highly experienced suppliers, we can obtain an unlimited number of effects, also by  playing with details and stitches. Crochet creates romantic, delicate hangers, enriched by little touches that enhance their poetry.



The hooks and metal parts of our clothes hangers have been carefully selected to set off the refinement of the product and of its forms. The various combinations emphasise the hanger’s lines, giving it a vintage, contemporary or pop look as per the client wishes.

Hooks are available treated with different galvanic methods. Their style varies according to the client’s preference. The range of shapes and sizes of clips is particularly wide in order to satisfy different aesthetic requirements, while they all ensure a perfect grip. Upon request, a ring can be applied to the clips to prevent signs from appearing on the more delicate fabrics. Clothes hanger trouser bars, available flocked in different colours, ensure an efficient non-slip performance.



The message of elegance and luxury of leather, fabric or crochet clothes hangers can be further reinforced by means of various customisations or decorations that take different forms according to the model and covering material.

Hand-sewn stitches, contrasting stitching and metal decorations such as studs or fabric labels make the clothes hanger fit in with the concept of the boutique.



We have gathered our collections in dedicated catalogues in which you can discover the care we take with every detail of our clothes hangers and hanging systems.

From wood to plexiglass hangers, from special lingerie to children’s collections, we invite you to download our catalogues and discover our products.

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