Coverings that embellish our clothes hangers and make them even more unique. Fascinating leather, imaginative fabrics and delicate crochets – to each its own.

We choose the hides we use to cover our clothes hangers at the best Italian tanneries, where the selection of the raw material and its processing is an art handed down from father to son.

We pay absolute attention to quality but also the environment. Our suppliers are actively engaged in reducing the environmental impact of their activities, as confirmed by the certifications obtained from the competent bodies.

The pleasure of leather is perceived by the touch but is also appreciated by the eye, thanks to a palette of colours that contains both the most classic and the most trendy hues. Seams and stitches are hand sewn in matching or contrasting shades for a contemporary effect.

Fabric clothes hangers are one of our traditions. We already made them in the fifties and sixties and now they are back in fashion, albeit in other forms and combinations. Now as then, creativity leads us to explore materials and details and play with technicalities to create, together with our clients, ever new, beautiful and exclusive hangers. We source our fabrics in Italy, in the textile districts where quality goes hand in hand with variety and imagination.

Crochet clothes hangers are a revival of that style, a little romantic and a little whimsical, of young people and children in the fifties and sixties. The colours range from pastel to the most brilliant colours and even to lamé and gentle forms give a poetic touch to the environment in which they are used, reinforcing the message of quality and care that the client wishes to convey.