Display & Props

Retail spaces are an essential part of brand experience, no detail can be overlooked. Surfaces on which the brand is the star player that expresses its personality by means of colours, forms and materials.

As for clothes hangers and hanging systems, our display solutions and the props used by retail and visual merchandising professionals are a basic part of the sales space concept of many international brands. Standers, valet stands, shoe trees, display heads , glove racks, trays and shop window signs are available in a wide range of colours and finishes to blend into spaces and enhance brand style.

A range of standers that offer different styles, finishes and solutions to fit in with any space to the best effect, whether in a showroom or a shop window, and provide effective support in fitting out displays and showing items of clothing and accessories.

Minor works of engineering and design, valet stands are simultaneously part of the furnishings and high added value display solutions. Customisable like all our other products, valet stands are a highly effective visual way of presenting a total look, allowing for the best use of space and giving changing rooms a couturier look.

Tie racks, hat display heads, glove racks, trays and other solutions for the display of accessories on flat surfaces: design objects that blend in with the look and feel of the retail space and satisfy the thousand and one needs for displaying different articles.

Elegance and function unite in our fine shoe trees, in which wood expresses itself through the materiality of its fibres. Women’s shoe trees are available in different heel heights and matching designs to meet fashion requirements and in a new style with a higher ankle for ankle laces.

In order that not even the slightest detail is overlooked to attain the objective of creating visually attractive and immaculate environments, our window signs are available in different materials, forms and finishes and are fully customisable. An excellent solution, for example, for multi-brand stores.