Displaying garments and accessories may require a combination of solutions to hang and display even the smallest or difficult to handle products to the best effect, or may merely require us to suggest alternative, original systems.

Scarves, foulards, hats, boots, belts, bags… fashion proposes an almost unlimited range of accessories that need to be displayed in special ways in order to achieve the correct visibility.

Working with the material we know best, wood, but also with plexiglass, fabric and leather, we have created a range of hanging and displaying articles that solve even the most complicated situations.

We have combined design and a touch of ingenuity with functionality in order to achieve technical solutions that are there but are not seen.

Round or square. A-Nello is an ingenious solution for hanging scarves and foulards, but is also perfect for bags or hanging casual garments by the loop or hook. The retractable magnetic closure allows only the product to be shown without anything else getting in the way.

Genius often lies in simplicity and Loop is the proof that good design can be useful, or, rather, indispensable. A flexible solution, ideal for the easy hanging of jeans, trousers or streetwear mood garments, leaving them central stage while at the same time ensuring security and grip.

A small collection of hooks of the most diverse shapes and with the most diverse types of accessories provides the right solution for all display needs, above all when it comes to, for example, hanging gloves, belts, ties and even boots and shoes. Simple or more daring forms blend in smoothly with different retail concepts.

A practical and entirely customisable solution to give every clothes hanger its own personality and at the same time provide sales assistants and customers with useful information. Collar tags are invaluable aids used to, for example, draw attention to special collections, capsule collections or limited editions.