The fascination of plexiglass is enfolded in its crystalline purity, a precious gift that reveals itself to those who are able to treat it as the noble material it is. So that it can emanate all its light, plexiglass must be sculpted just like marble.

While it may seem cold in appearance, plexiglass is really an extraordinary conductor of emotions, as visual merchandiser Benjamin Constantin maintains.

It is only a pure material like plexiglass that can bring transparent sinuous clothes hangers into existence, capable of taking on any elegant and contemporary forms that creativity imparts to them.

At first, the form is concealed inside the sheet and emerges one phase at a time, surprising us with its elegant lines and kaleidoscopic plays of light.

Design conceives ever new forms in which plexiglass can best express itself, enhancing its property as a light conductor for a magical and captivating effect.


The noble beauty of plexiglass, so like that of a diamond, may be made even more special by finishes that set off the clothes hanger’s transparency and lightness.

With a transparent finish we achieve the maximum degree of the lightness and brilliancy of this material; satin finish, on the other hand, dulls the surface, making it soft and velvety. Clothes hangers can also be decorated in gold leaf, while for an extremely contemporary effect the lower part of the hanger may be decorated with a colour that transmits its reflections to the plexiglass while still preserving its transparency.



As in all our products, the hooks and metal parts that we use for our plexiglass clothes hangers are carefully studied to set off the refinement of the material and its forms.

Hooks are available treated with different galvanic and epoxy methods in various hues. The range of shapes and sizes of clips is particularly wide in order to satisfy different aesthetic requirements, while they all ensure a perfect grip. By request, a ring can be applied to the clips to prevent signs from appearing on the more delicate fabrics. Clothes hanger trouser bars are available in different colours, sizes and diameters to suit the shape of the hanger chosen and may be flocked in pearl grey or cream with a non-slip action.



We have made the concept of bespoke our own, developing a range of customisations to apply the client’s signature to every brand touchpoint, including clothes hangers. Customisation enhances perception of the value of the product on offer, making it even more unique and special.

With our R&D department, we have created a range of customisations that take each client’s style and personality into account and make it possible to adapt clothes hangers to the concept of the space they are intended to fill.



We have gathered our collections in dedicated catalogues in which you can discover the care we take with every detail of our clothes hangers and hanging systems.

From wood to plexiglass hangers, from special lingerie to children’s collections, we invite you to download our catalogues and discover our products.

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