Hooks and metal parts

Ettore Toscanini used to say “Manca 'ncó ‘n plûch”, meaning that there was still something missing, that tiny difference between something done well and something done excellently. This is why we take the greatest pains even in the choice of hooks and the metal parts of our clothes hangers: it is from these details that one recognises the quality of Made in Italy.

We choose every detail with care in order to ensure that each hanger is in tune with the space it is intended for. The options offered by the combination of our metal parts help to create effects such as vintage, contemporary, design and pop.

Hooks are available in various hues of colour from classic brass to bronze and from champagne to black matt epoxy. The shapes and sections of the hooks vary in line with the store’s concept.

There is a particularly wide range of clips in shapes and sizes to meet different aesthetic requirements, always ensuring perfect grip owing to the non-slip rubber inside them. Trouser bars are flocked in pearl grey or ivory for an efficient non-slip performance.

For evening dresses, there is the option of a shoulder with a notch to insert very thin straps and a clip to hook the loop inside the bust.  The clip to ensure that the strap doesn’t slip applied to the underside of the shoulder is practical and unobtrusive. The non-slip ring is convenient and is removable so that it need only be used when necessary.