Logo customisations

The message of elegance and luxury that a clothes hanger sculpted from plexiglass conveys is enhanced by the different customisation options we have conceived.

By pad printing, any logo can be reproduced precisely in long-lasting ink. The logo can be printed in one or two colours.

The precision of laser ensures the perfect reproduction of any type of logo. An elegant play on matt and gloss finishes can be created by engraving a low relief with a satin effect; a sophisticated matching shades effect can be obtained on satin finish clothes hangers. If it is executed on the back of the neck, the engraving has a surprising lens-like effect.

This solution reproduces the logo by cutting individual letters in metal and applying them. This technique imparts greater and longer lasting lustre to the brand; it is available in glossy gold or gold with a satin finish, glossy chrome or chrome with a satin finish, champagne or copper.

Clothes hangers may be customised by applying crystal motifs: a logo or a pavé setting decorative pattern that augments brightness; both of which allow an elegant and captivating play of reflections to be achieved.