Each wood species is linked to an ancient story, often a mythical one, associated with its peculiar characteristics. Hardness, flexibility, compactness, colouring, grain... we know and understand them and are able to get the best out of each.

Wood has always been in our DNA and for this reason we know every aspect of it well and have learned to get the best out of each species:  beech, Canaletto walnut, red cedar, lime, ash, oak and yet others. We know their history and personality, we love their substance and caress their surfaces.

We know how to bring out the grain in every wood and how to enhance its natural colours and inborn elegance. The shapes of our clothes hangers and their physical nature are concealed in the wooden boards from which they gradually emerge, stage by stage, entrusting us with the task of finishing them.


Wood is one of the most fascinating materials with which forms, objects and products can be created. It offers beauty, materiality, flexibility and can support any design or creation if it is loved and understood. Its warmth and feel speak of authenticity.

The wood we use for our clothes hangers is a noble material, living and never the same twice. We work it with sophisticated, automated machinery, but it is still our hands and eyes that probe the quality and the goodness of the board. Our know-how is based as much on technique as on sensibility, and our clothes hangers come into existence as a result of the combination of these two aspects.



The natural beauty of wood can be made even more vivid with finishes that enhance its grain and colour, augmenting the perception of its quality and its aesthetic pleasantness.

Our clothes hangers are made from beech treated to provide different finishes, a boundless palette of colours and the possibility of choosing the degree of lustre or opaqueness. The same applies to our finishes, which range from super matt to brilliant gloss. Our hangers can also be lacquered to give an effect of sublime refinement or partially flocked to match as a non-slip solution.



Ettore Toscanini used to say “Manca 'ncó ‘n plûch”, meaning there was still something missing, that tiny difference between something done well and something done excellently. This is why we take the greatest care even with the choice of hooks and metal parts of our clothes hangers: it is from these details that one recognises the quality of Made in Italy.

We choose every detail with care in order to ensure that each hanger is in tune with the space it is intended for. The options offered by the combination of our metal parts help to create effects such as vintage, contemporary, design and pop… 



To apply your own brand, your own signature on every touchpoint between the brand and the customers is an effective way of declaring the uniqueness of the products on offer and making them even more exclusive.

The brand reproduction techniques we offer, enable any type of logo to be replicated, even the most complex and detailed. Each graphic detail, even the most subtle and complicated, may be reproduced faithfully, ensuring perfectly legibly. Logos may be engraved by laser or by double colour pad printing. We can also customise clothes hangers with small metal plates, fabric labels or metal lettering.



We have gathered our collections in dedicated catalogues in which you can discover the care we take with every detail of our clothes hangers and hanging systems.

From wood to plexiglass hangers, from special lingerie to children’s collections, we invite you to download our catalogues and discover our products.

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