Finishing is a stage that requires an elevated degree of professionalism to set off the characteristics of the wood and render it even more precious. Here too, as in other phases in the production process, the expertise and ability of our master cabinet makers makes the difference. Indeed, it is their hands and eyes that guarantee the perfection of the final result.

Beech is the species we use most owing to its versatility and extraordinary performance. It is a wood that allows us to apply a range of different finishes, to choose from an almost boundless palette of colours and to select the degree of lustre or opaqueness that is most suitable for the result we desire. We also work on and treat other species as requested to achieve the desired result.

We suggest the “no finish” option when a totally natural effect is desired, when the raw material is exposed to sight and touch with its grain, its lines and its colours. A natural result that shows only the natural material, reminiscent of Scandinavian design.

Wax finishing produces a handsome natural effect, while adding a touch of refinement to the wood, which acquires an additional dimension, is soft and pleasant to the touch; wax also prevents yellowing and marks.

The oil used for finishing is absorbed by the fibres of the wood, whose colours revive and give the material a more intense effect, one that is natural and pleasant to the touch.

Lacquering is the preferred finish if one wishes to obtain a thicker effect that does not let the wood grain show through, or, on the contrary, that sets it off when the wood is brushed first.

Beech is suitable for being painted, when it acquires shades of colour that are typical of other species such as ebony, wenge, cherry, walnut and Canaletto walnut.

Gloss is the unit of measurement used to gauge the brilliancy of a surface. Our clothes hangers can have a matt or gloss finish according to the requirements and style of the retail space or showroom.

10 gloss > extra matt
40 gloss > medium matt
80 gloss > extra glossy