From winter to spring, tips for seasonal changing in the closet

From winter to spring, tips for seasonal changing in the closet

Doing seasonal wardrobe swaps can be a real challenge for many of us. With the right organization, what seems like a daunting, tedious and tiring task can actually become something rather enjoyable.

So what do you need? Here’s a small checklist to make things stress-free: 

A flat surface or clothes rack to hang things on while tidying and cleaning out the inside of your closet, cleaning cloths and neutral detergents for wiping down drawers and bars, the right hangers, and…some good music!

Seasonal changing, especially from winter to spring, is an explosion of color and panache where you can resurrect clothing and pieces set to the side or even forgotten. It’s also the perfect chance to ask if we want to give these garments a second chance or maybe it’s time to give them away. This is an opportunity to take care of your clothes, for example, sew a dangling button back on, brush your coats or jackets, carefully fold sweaters and even let them breathe and get some fresh air.

Reorganizing closets isn’t only about space and the convenience of finding items at a glance but also about balance and order in the sense of well-living.


Here’s why it’s useful to do a seasonal wardrobe change

Going through our closet lets us take a look at our clothing and accessories and take stock of what we might need for the coming season. It’s a chance to try new color combinations and avoid wearing the same things over and over. Maybe, it’s an occasion to buy that light jacket to go with that pair of white cigarette pants you like so much.

Rearranging things lets you organize your wardrobe to save time, be more functional and not go crazy looking for something lost in some drawer somewhere. Sorting isn’t only practical. It also helps keep your clothing in perfect condition or from wrinkling and getting ruined beyond repair.

Besides, let’s face it, clutter isn’t appealing. Cleaning and organizing a wardrobe also has a positive aesthetic impact; you can better use the spaces and take care of your belongings. It’s very satisfying to open your closet and find it beautifully organized and smelling good!

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Tips for a perfect seasonal wardrobe

It’s always the right time to clean up your wardrobe. But, when it comes to a seasonal change, it takes time and work in the light of day so that you can carefully inspect the condition of each piece, check for any small stains, a frayed hem or a forgotten handkerchief in a pocket. Starting early in the morning, you’re more productive and have better focus on how best to sort through the garments and pick the ones you need for spring.

Since your closet reflects your personality, you might go through the process by yourself. This way you won’t get distracted. However, some people enjoy having a bit of company; real-time advice on whether you should keep or get rid of a jacket or dress. 

Some suggestions for doing a good job:

  • first, you’ve got to decide how you want to organize it. Which storage compartments and shelves for which garments. For example, shirts, pants, and skirts at the bottom and coats and dresses at the top;
  • empty one section at a time. Clean the walls thoroughly with some water and a mild soap;
  • hang heavier, warmer garments at the top, with short ones on one side, and long ones on the other. This will leave room for accessory boxes or winter bags at the bottom of the wardrobe;
  • the hangers should all go in the same direction. This saves space and it’s easier to pull them out.

It’s a good idea to divide everything into sections. Take a look here:

Jackets and Coats

Ideally, start pulling heavy winter garments, like jackets and coats. This will make room for jackets and raincoats. Here are a few tips from Toscanini for properly organizing winter garments so you’ll find them in perfect condition next fall:

  • Check the condition of the coats and jackets. Make sure all buttons are sewn on, hems are in order, and there aren’t any stains. Clothes should be clean when stored; better to take them to the dry cleaners and brush them carefully with a mixture of water and a small portion of ammonia.
  • Use garment bags to protect the items from natural and artificial light that can ruin or fade fabric colors. Garment bags also keep out dust and moths. Best to go for washable cotton bags, perhaps in a color matching the entire wardrobe, including hangers and accessory boxes, for a stylish effect.
  • Arrange coats by length for both maximum space and a neater, more elegance effect.
  • Coats and jackets should unbuttoned; let the two parts overlap naturally. It is useful to fasten double-breasted garments. One other tip is to remove belts from of the loops. This will help to avoid wrinkles difficult to get rid of.
  • Heavy leather jackets, overcoats and jackets need proper support. Their hangers should be at least 5/6 cm thick and have a soft, ergonomic shape. Our wooden Marcello hanger is perfect. It is available in multiple models to fit all sizes. A nice touch is the custom wood finish: waxed, Canaletto walnut and Wenge to match the finest wardrobes. You can also match the clips: chromed or brass-plated. There is also a variant available with a rod for hanging suits.
  • For down jackets and clothing in technical fabrics, the perfect hanger is thin, like the Marcello Casual.
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Spring means blouses and light tops. It’s time to make room for garments perfect for mid-season. A lovely blouse worn under a lightweight pullover or jacket solves spring days with simplicity.

  • Separate daywear from evening wear; this is convenient and functional.
  • Divide short-sleeved tops, shirts and blouses from long-sleeved ones.
  • Spring is the season of lightness and color. Separating patterns from solids will make your closet more beautiful. It will also be easier to find the right garment. If you are serious about having the “perfect” closet, we suggest you organize by color, from light to dark.
  • Choose the correct hanger for tops and shirts. 1.5/2 cm thick is all you need. The unisex size is 42 cm wide. For silk tops and shirts, non-slip velvet on the shoulder or cuts on the shoulder is recommended. For example, our Marcello Casual hanger with clips and velvet pads.


And you can’t forget about your shoes. These also have to be seasonally changed. Boots and heavy footwear should be stored in favor of loafers and colorful shoes. Before being stored, you should:

  • Clean and polish them using specific products and cleaners. Don’t forget to wash the soles thoroughly as well, especially if they are tennis shoes with treads that can hide pebbles and dirt.
  • Use shoe lasts, particularly for leather or suede footwear. This will keep the form relaxed and prevent wrinkling. Our Vigevano lasts won’t only maintain the uppers, but they will also absorb any moisture and leave a pleasant aroma. Made in cedar, they are naturally scented. For women’s shoes, in addition to shoe lasts, we suggest putting a bit of tissue paper in the points of the toe.


Scarves, jewelry, bags and hats for spring should also be organized and kept ready to wear to put together a truly unique look. Here’s how to take care of accessories:

  • Winter scarves, gloves, hats and earmuffs can be kept in fabric-covered boxes. That touch of chic coordinates some color with the rest of the wardrobe and fabrics of the bedroom furnishings. The handy labels on the accessory boxes let you know right away what’s inside without having to waste time.
  • A creative and practical way to store necklaces is with our openable A-ring. The useful ring with magnet is perfect for hanging and sorting long necklaces that can easily knot when put away in jewelry boxes.
  • A practical system like our A-nello is also great for keeping ties and scarves and reducing the possibility of wrinkles. The closed Big model is also available in different finishes; for example, waxed, Canaletto walnut or Wenge.
  • A hanging belt holder is the ideal solution for keeping them neatly laid out and organized.

Children’s closets

Spring is a cheerful and colorful season, especially for children. It is time to play outdoors and enjoy nature. Children grow fast, and you need to keep garments of various weights on hand to protect them from fluctuating temperatures, typical of spring. A well-organized wardrobe makes it easier to choose their clothing.

  • Take an inventory of the clothes. Put aside what has worn out or has become too small.  
  • Store gloves, hats, bonnets, earmuffs and scarves in fabric-covered boxes. Use the color of the lids to differentiate the seasons and types of items. This will add some fun and will help tidy up the closet and make it easier to find things. A useful way when temperatures haven’t exactly warmed up yet or when it’s windy and you still need a hat.
  • Add anti-moth scenters to accessory boxes to keep layettes safe. Our Il Cedro collection is made of naturally anti-moth scented wood, and the scenters come in many cute shapes, from butterflies to whales, little ducks and cats, apples and turtles. There’s even a dolphin and our ever-popular heart.
  • Adding a touch of cheer to their closet with hangers made especially for them. Delicate and playful, with decorations like Pinocchio, butterflies and lions, the I Bambini collection has mini wooden hangers providing just the right support for mini sizes. We suggest you use those with clips for hanging skirts and pants.
  • Unisex size is available for “junior” wardrobes. Add a splash of color and design with I Confetti collection. A creative use of our A-nello for jeans provides a touch of originality.

Be inspired by the order of your newly reorganized closet

Now that your winter garments have been put away and the spring ones are hanging and well-organized, all you’ve got to do is to marvel at the order and be inspired for your next outfit. When changing out your closet, coat hangers play an essential role. They make it easier to organize and reduce stress. When you add aesthetics and personalizing, an everyday object like a “hanger” becomes something of design, bringing class and elegance to any walk-in closet. Thanks to the best hangers and versatile accessory holders, getting ready for the new season is simple and enjoyable. Welcome spring… even in your own wardrobe.

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