It is not always easy to think of a really unique gift tailored to the recipient. We have put together some proposals in the Corporate Gifting collection to meet the need for ideas for small giveaways or more valuable and exclusive corporate gifts.

At the end of an event, a stay or when there is a celebration or an anniversary, it is always a pleasure to mark the moment with a little gesture or an institutional present conceived exclusively for the person who is to receive it.

In our collection, you can find little objects in red cedar to scent drawers, sets of clothes hangers all made to measure or objects in cedar wood to be designed from scratch and marked with a date, a decoration or a logo so as to celebrate an event or an anniversary in a unique manner.


The impeccable elegance of our made to measure clothes hangers, available in various models, evokes exclusiveness and attention to the recipient.

There is no doubt that a set of clothes hangers made to measure is a unique and unexpected gift. A gesture that is appreciated, will be remembered and touch the recipient due to its unique nature. There are many different models to choose from in our collection, and the donor can also select their size, finish, details and, lastly, personalise them with the recipient’s initials. Sets of two or more articles are wrapped in delicate monogrammed tissue paper for protection and placed in precious packages or boxes tied with a cotton ribbon, which is also personalised. A little cedar wood bag charm can also be added to make the gift even more special.



Little gestures of attention that heighten the sensation of being welcomed and always treated as a valued guest deserving of pleasant customised gifts.

A collection of delicate figurines carved out of red cedar, the wood that emanates a delicate scent and keeps insects away from the wardrobe; a cotton sachet full of wooden hearts to use to perfume drawers, cherubs, stars, ponies, balls and other appealing silhouettes to be gifted that show attention to the recipient.



We are ready to listen to any needs and create special giveaways at our clients’ request.

Celebrate an event, a party, send an invitation that will not be forgotten, add a unique touch to a message or a meeting. Everything is possible: we are ready to make big or small objects in wood in accordance with your wishes, creating exclusive decorations or customisation inspired by our imagination.



Abbiamo raccolto le nostre collezioni in cataloghi dedicati in cui scoprire la cura che poniamo in ogni dettaglio dei nostri portabiti e sistemi per appendere.

Dai portabiti in legno a quelli in plexiglas, alle collezioni specifiche per l’intimo e per i bimbi, vi invitiamo a scoprire i nostri prodotti scaricando i nostri cataloghi.

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