Clothes hangers

In designing the clothes hangers of our Hôtellerie collection, we thought not only of users’ different requirements, but also of different styles, trying to match our offer to all different environments and uses.

The SuMisura range was the result of our collaboration with architects Maffei&Pomaro, who helped us to translate our concept of timeless elegance into a functional and design product. With well-rounded shoulders and a massive neck, the Marcello hanger supports the garment impeccably, sustaining it at the right points and preventing ugly creases from forming. SuMisura clothes hangers are available for men and women in different models and sizes. For an extra touch, hangers in the collection are also available covered in soft 100% Made in Italy nappa.

The clothes hangers in this collection have essential, light lines and a play of depths that give form to contemporary design objects with classic overtones. Ethereal forms that fit into both modern and more traditional and formal spaces. Light Design hangers are available for men and women in various finishes, sizes and models.

“Measure”, that innate sense of proportion that has made Italian art, architecture and design unique, is also contained in the clean lines of the clothes hangers in the Italian Classic collection. Light but firm, soft and yet sculptured, the form of this clothes hanger is a timeless classic that is at home in any environment. Italian Classic clothes hangers are covered in soft nappa and are available for men and women in various sizes and models.

Cedar is a unique species because of the beauty of its shades and of its grain and for its fresh fragrance, evocative of the depth of a forest. These gifts keep insects away and protects the most precious garments in addition to perfuming your wardrobe delicately. The Hôtellerie collection also offers shoe trees in the same wood.

We have also spared a thought for little guests on their travels. We rediscovered and updated one of our very successful collections of clothes hangers of the sixties: a range of clothes hangers perfect for romper suits, children dresses and garments, with the addition of a tender touch: a wooden head of Pinocchio or a leather butterfly or lion inserted on the hook.

We call them “never again without”, indispensable clothes hangers, for example, for the guest wardrobe or the holiday home, giving each garment the right support in harmony with the look and feel of the space. Timeless, streamlined lines, in three colours that fit easily with any wardrobe, also available with a hook and an anti-theft ring.

Lightness of form meets the poetry of crochet in a range of colours leaving ample room for imagination, and a touch of colour to surprise guests. In two sizes, crochet clothes hangers are ideal for children’s clothes, women’s lingerie and shirts and blouses.

Ideal for spaces in which lightness is the underlying theme, the Stella model stylishly interprets the transparency of plexiglass, a noble and fascinating material. Modern lines and excellent resistance to damp make it a best seller for gyms and spas.

The Confetti came into being as a capsule collection of the FattoBene Pop-Up shop at the MoMA Design Store in New York. The enthusiasm with which this range of natural beech clothes hangers was received, with a coloured hook and underside, led us to include it in our catalogue in order to give wardrobes a touch of pop.

A really ingenious clothes hanger that can be made with a normal or anti-theft hook, both in wood, according to the user’s requirements. The magnetic anti-theft hook is a small design object to all effects.

With a soft and compact form, Patrick clothes hangers are made in four different colours, beech, wenge, walnut and Canaletto walnut. They are available with a normal or an anti-theft hook.

Light and refined, the Ambrogino and Paolina models are the right choice for all spaces in which elegance goes hand in hand with minimalism and sobriety. Available in natural beech and Canaletto walnut colours. They can be fitted with a normal or an anti-theft hook.

A range of clothes hangers in various colours that can be matched to any surroundings or, on the contrary, used to create plays of contrasts. Covered in quality Made in Italy fabrics, the hangers in this collection are light and harmonious.