Logo customisations

We have made the concept of “bespoke” our own and have created various options to customise our clothes hangers and the components of the Hôtellerie collection. Customisation enhances the perception of the value of spaces and makes them even more unique and special.

With the precision of laser marking, we are able to reproduce any type of logo faithfully, even those with subtle and complex details, achieving an impeccable result.

Using the one- or two-colour pad printing technique, we can reproduce any type of design and the most minute details in one or at most two colours, obtaining the maximum definition and faithfulness to the original, even on concave or convex surfaces.

Another way to customise clothes hangers entails applying small plates made of metal, fabric or other materials to which low- or high-relief effects can be given. Plates can also be branded by pad printing with a 2D effect.

Our proprietary technique can reproduce all types of logo perfectly on leather in a wide range of colours: a much valued production process.