Our partnerships with interior design professionals – architects, interior designers themselves, shop-fitters and contractors – helped to create the Toscanini Interior collection. A collection of clothes hangers and hanging systems conceived to meet the requirements for furnishings and orderliness of special spaces such as dwellings, boats, jets, clubs, gymnasiums and all those spaces where refinement is to be found.

The Toscanini Interior collection is our response to interior design specialists’ desire to offer their clients matched and customised solutions and accessories for hanging and storing garments so that an ideal wardrobe can be composed.

A place of order and harmony that reflects individual tastes and helps to make every home and private space even more unique.

Clothes hangers made to measure, boxes, garment bags, valet stands and much else make up a collection of objects entirely conceived and made in Italy.

Each product is made with quality materials and springs from our collaboration with some of the most able luxury goods craftsmen.

Our creativity, supported by our worker’s skilled hands, does the rest.

Thus, each single article encompasses technique and design, perfection and uniqueness, the perfect combination of values to converse with an attentive and refined public.


The Toscanini Interior range of clothes hangers is composed of made to measure models in wood and plexiglass, hand-stitched leather hangers and exclusive crochet hangers. The range includes models and sizes for men, women and children so that all wardrobes can be tidy and harmonious.

The Toscanini Interior range of models allows you to choose the shape, the material, the finish and every detail of the clothes hangers for your walk-in wardrobe or wardrobe space according to your personal style. A complete, carefully composed and fully customisable collection. Luxury is a matter of detail.



The home, the ultimate private space, the dimension that most reflects our personality and the place deserving of little attentions, such as a well-organised wardrobe. It isn’t only a matter of tidiness, but also a desire for harmony and aesthetic satisfaction.

The Toscanini Interior collection gathers together a vast range of clothes hangers and solutions for hanging and storing garments and accessories that fit in with the style of the place in which they are stored. Valet stands, dressed boxes, belt or foulard rings, shoe trees, garment bags, cedar wood fragrance diffusers and other products create the perfect wardrobe.



Why not complete your wardrobe with your initials or the monogram of your place of residence? And why not allow yourself the luxury of choosing the colour of the fabric or details or, again, the finish of the hook? It’s all a part of the pleasure of allowing yourself the time to create unique, pleasant and exquisitely personal spaces.

The Toscanini Interior collection offers clothes hangers and other articles for the organisation of your wardrobe in a wide range of colours, finishes and details that you can match. Clothes hangers can be customised with the initials of the person using them; you can choose the font and the customisation technique you prefer. Even garment bags and boxes can be customised.



Abbiamo raccolto le nostre collezioni in cataloghi dedicati in cui scoprire la cura che poniamo in ogni dettaglio dei nostri portabiti e sistemi per appendere.

Dai portabiti in legno a quelli in plexiglas, alle collezioni specifiche per l’intimo e per i bimbi, vi invitiamo a scoprire i nostri prodotti scaricando i nostri cataloghi.

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