Wardrobe organisation

A well-organised wardrobe also needs solutions for hanging and storing all your garments and accessories. With this in mind, we have created a collection of indispensable objects in order to create the wardrobe of your dreams.

We have thought of absolutely everything in order not to overlook even the slightest accessory and to best organise your wardrobe space. The Toscanini Interior collection includes elegant garment bags in pure cotton, scarf rings, accessory holders, boot stands, wooden shoe trees, boxes covered with fabric and valet stands.

Each object is conceived to match the style of the wardrobe and clothes hangers. The possibilities of customising bags and boxes include the creation of elegant plays of colour; rings are also available in versions that can be opened, for example to hang necklaces easily; cedar shoe trees are handsome and well-fitting, ensuring that footwear has a long life.

Garment bags are available in three different sizes – jacket, overcoat and evening dress – made in natural cotton with a convenient zip. The possibilities of customisation include choosing the colour that matches the wardrobe best, embroidering initials or logo and choosing some personal details such as the type of zip slider.

There is nothing more convenient than being able to hang garments and place accessories on a valet stand so that they are well organised and ready to use. The Harry and Meg models, for him and her, have a contemporary design that blends easily into any surroundings and are conceived to provide a place for everything, from belts and ties to blouses and necklaces.

The Toscanini Interior collection includes small but very useful solutions to meet specific needs, such as hanging accessories of the most diverse shapes, such as belts, scarves, foulards or necklaces, and indispensable articles such as the Teodoro pole for taking down clothes hangers with its practical hook. Objects that match the style of the clothes hangers and the look and feel of the space.

Toscanini Interior collection boxes help you to keep your wardrobe in order in style: boxes of different formats dressed in natural fabric in a wide range of colours to have fun with. You can choose the lid and bottom of your boxes in the same colour or play on colour contrasts. Boxes can be further customised applying leather matching or contrasting label holders.

Our Oliver stander is an indispensable article suitable for common spaces, for example to hang garments belonging to guests in a restaurant, meeting room or attending an event. Oliver is also ideal to be fitted in larger wardrobes to store garments waiting to be put away.

Red cedar is the species we have chosen for our shoe trees and boot stands. Its beauty and, above all, its delicate scent are ideal not only for helping to preserve footwear but also to hang boots from.