Marina cm 28×0,7 – Children top hanger in untreated beechwood, P hook chromed with Pinocchio head hand painted

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    It is the re-edition of a 60’s bon ton model for children with a small hand-painted Pinocchio on the hook.

    La casa, lo spazio privato per eccellenza, la dimensione che più rispecchia la nostra personalità, è il luogo a cui dedicare piccole attenzioni come, per esempio, l’organizzazione del guardaroba. Perché non completare il guardaroba con le proprie iniziali o il monogramma della residenza? La personalizzazione viene fatta a laser perché garantisce la perfetta riproduzione di ogni tipo di iniziale. Sul legno di noce Canaletto si crea un effetto bassorilievo ton sur ton, mentre sulle finiture wenge, faggio cerato, grezzo, rovere bianco o nero si crea un bellissimo gioco a contrasto. Infine, sul plexiglas il laser produce un elegante gioco lucido-opaco. Le iniziali possono essere riprodotte con o senza punto tra le lettere, a voi la scelta in fase d’ordine.



    To choose the right size hanger, all you have to do is think about the garments they are to support and who is going to use them: man, woman, child or boy? Yes, because unisex does not exist, except for the entrance wardrobe.

    The approximate width is:

    • MAN cm 42/45
    • WOMAN cm 38/40
    • JUNIOR cm 38/40
    • BABY cm 28

    Follow the detail in the table.

    It is important to choose the right hanger to support the different garments in your wardrobe. Our hangers have different shapes and thicknesses depending on their use, as do our accessories:

    • To keep their shape, the shoulders of jackets, leather jackets and coats need the right support. The hanger must therefore be at least 5/6 cm thick and have a rounded, ergonomic shape;
    • For men's and women's shirts, a 1.5/2 cm thick hanger is sufficient. It is useful for women's hangers to be fitted with epaulettes for tops or with non-slip velvet for silk shirts or dresses;
    • For boys and children, a 1.5/2 cm thick hanger is sufficient;
    • Trousers cannot be without an effective non-slip bar on the hanger;
    • For skirts, the clips must have a soft rubber part that does not mark the fabric.


    For a well-organised wardrobe it is important to provide

    • some storage boxes for scarves, scarves, gloves and swimwear that make the change of season quicker;
    • garment bags made of breathable, washable cotton at every change of season because dust, natural and artificial light can ruin or fade fabrics;
    • cedar wood shoe lasts to keep shoes dry and tidy;
    • moth-proof cedar scented scents to replace each season;
    • a stick with a spike to easily pick up garments hanging overhead;
    • a closed loop for hanging scarves and foulards and an openable one for necklaces


    To know the number of hangers required for a walk-in wardrobe or cupboard, simply apply this simple formula:

    For each linear metre of bar you will need

    • 13 hangers for JACKET
    • 26 hangers for SHIRTS
    • 30 hangers for SKIRT/ PANTS


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    At each change of season, you can clean your wooden hangers by wiping the surface and hook with a slightly moistened cloth. Flocked bars can be wiped with a soft brush.

    Stella Plexiglas
    To clean Plexiglas, simply use a damp cotton cloth to remove dust and then dry with a soft, dry cloth. Never use alcohol, which can damage the material.

    To renew the colour, anti-moth function and forest scent, simply wipe the surfaces with a fine-grit glass paper.

    At each change of season, you can clean your wooden hangers by wiping the surface and hook with a slightly moistened cloth. The flocked bars can be wiped with a soft brush.