Quality is a goal we set ourselves every day, a finishing line we manage to cross every time we find the perfect harmony between craft skills and technological innovations. We are the custodians of that purely Italian sense of the beautiful that finds its expression in our products.

The search for quality is ours by family tradition. Four generations constantly seeking perfection, that plûch more that makes the difference between something done well and something done excellently. It is not just about the desire to offer products that are the best in terms of design, workmanship and function, but also the incomparable satisfaction of creating something  that did not exist before, to exceed our clients’ expectations. With our creativity, we imagine clothes hangers and hanging and displaying solutions that are always new in form, detail, materials and use; the craftsmanship we have acquired over the years and our technology combine to translate these ideas into products.

We care for every detail because we know that it is only by devoting time, passion and intelligence that we attain the quality that is the signature style of what we do.

The search for quality pervades every aspect of our work and the entire production chain, including suppliers and professionals. The alliance we feel we have established with so many clients, architects and interior designers constantly enriches us with new ideas and gives us the opportunity to exchange views with experts from all over the world.

In Toscanini, the hand of man has found the way to coexist with the most up-to-date technology, creating a partnership that gives birth only to beautiful things.

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Innovation is an essential part of our way of thinking and acting. The never-ending search for new, more effective and sustainable methods has been in our veins since the last century.

The drive to innovate leads us to ask every day if we could do even better, whether it is a matter of manufacturing process, the shoulder lines of a hanger or the way we deal with clients: we are never satisfied.  We want to improve because we are thrilled by the challenge to find the right solution and get the most out of our creativity, out of the technology that supports us and even out of the work of our own hands.


We know wood and every one of its characteristics; this is a legacy from the generations that preceded us, but we continue to explore new materials and new possibilities.

Our Technical Office works in liaison with production and marketing to design new hanging solutions, systems that can fit into the retail concepts of the big fashion brands or fulfil a specific function without compromising design or customisation.


The UNI EN ISO9001 certification and our other compliance certifications are guarantees that our work always complies with international standards and that our commitment is renewed daily.

We talk of quality because we practise it and we expect everyone who collaborates with us to be an essential part of the process that guarantees every aspect of our work. The certifications we have obtained, are the confirmation of a journey we all walk together in order to make the culture of quality and safety our own.