Terms and Conditions

The sale of goods offered on our website www.toscanini.it (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Website’) is governed by the following General Conditions of Business (hereafter referred to as “the General Conditions‘).

The goods offered on the Website are sold direct by Industrie Toscanini S.r.l. Soc. Unipersonale (hereinafter referred to as  ‘TOSCANINI’).

All purchase agreements successfully concluded between the seller and the client, via the www.toscanini.it website in accordance with the procedures indicated therein, will be governed by these General Conditions.

TOSCANINI is a company incorporated under Italian laws, fiscal code and VAT No. 00167390020, entered in the Administrative Economic Register as no. 1928, with registered office in Via Ing. Catlinetti, 17 – 13011 Borgosesia (Vicenza)  – Italy.

The purchase agreement and related procedures are available in Italian and English. 

2.1. The goods shown on the Website are offered for sale only to duly authorized persons of legal age.

TOSCANINI may modify or amend these General Conditions at any time.

Therefore, the client will accept and be bound only by the general conditions in force at the time of the purchase in question.

The Client is requested to read these General Conditions with care, which can also be viewed and downloaded at any time via the links to be found on the home page of the Website, under the heading “Terms and Conditions”.

3.1. For each product selected you may view a web space showing photographs of the article or a configuration of the product created by the client, the unit price, the colours and various sizes (where applicable).

3.3. The client selects the articles of interest,  and the description of the products on sale, inclusive of sizes or measurements (where relevant), together with one or more digital photographs which enable the client to view  a correct representation of said products available on the Website, will be added to the client’s Basket.

3.4. To view the selected articles and the total cost of the order, the client must click on the Basket icon. The client is requested to verify that the contents of the Basket are correct before confirming the order by completing the order form, acknowledging he/she has read and accepts these General Conditions as well as the processing of personal data. The Privacy Policy is available to read on the Home Page under the same heading.

We ask the client to carefully check the product selected, paying particular attention to the size of the hanger chosen and the initials to be engraved to personalise the product, that cannot then be reserved.

No claims or returns will be accepted concerning the size of the hanger or the letters engraved on the product (whether with regards to the initials or their style/font).

3.6 Once confirmed, the order will be sent directly to TOSCANINI. The purchase order will be entered in the TOSCANINI system. The client will be able to follow the progress of the order by selecting MyAccount and, at the same time, he/she will be sent an email acknowledging receipt of the order.

The client will also receive an email stating  a confirmation number to attest acceptance of the order  by  TOSCANINI. In a subsequent email, TOSCANINI will send a confirmation of order bearing a confirmation number beginning OCW.
The link to be used to follow the progress of the order will be sent by TOSCANINI to the client by email.

Upon completion of the purchase procedure, we recommend that the downloads, saves or prints the General Conditions in force at the time of completion of the order.

3.7 Although TOSCANINI constantly adopts measures to ensure that the photographs shown on the Website are faithful reproductions of the original products, including the adoption of all possible technological solutions to minimize inaccuracies, some variations are nevertheless possible due to technical characteristics, the materials and the colour resolution of the  client’s computer. Consequently, TOSCANINI declines responsibility for any inadequacy of the graphic representations of the TOSCANINI products shown on the Website if these are due to the above technical reasons.

3.8. TOSCANINI reserves the right to refuse orders from a client with whom legal disputes are ongoing relating to a previous order. This also applies to all cases where TOSCANINI deems  the client unacceptable (e.g. in case of previous breaches of the contractual conditions for online purchases on the website).

4.1 It is not possible to order a product, enter it in the Basket and save it for purchase at a later online shopping session. Unless the  purchase procedure has been completed in full, the contents of the basket will be deleted without trace on completion of each  shopping session.

4.2 TOSCANINI reserves the right to change the articles offered for sale on the Site at any time, without prior notification.

Completion of the order
The order process is complete when the client selects ‘Order’. Upon confirmation, the order is sent  to TOSCANINI to be processed and may no longer be modified or cancelled, save in the events expressly laid down by the relevant Italian regulations.
5.2 The order confirmation will be deemed to constitute acceptance of the terms of these General Conditions by the client.

5.3 The data registered on the Website shall be deemed to constitute proof of the details pertaining to any transactions entered into between TOSCANINI and the client.

5.4 In the event of any dispute between TOSCANINI and the client concerning a transaction entered into on the Website,  the data registered by TOSCANINI shall be deemed to  constitute full proof of the transaction.

Price and Payment Methods

6.1 The prices of all goods offered for sale on the Website are inclusive of VAT. At the check out stage, the VAT will be detracted from the price in accordance with the regulations applicable in the country of purchase.

The prices of the goods available for sale are shown in Euro (€).

The total amount shown includes shipping costs as specified below and shown in the Basket.

TOSCANINI reserves the right to modify the prices of products offered for sale on the Website at any time and without prior notice. The client will be charged the price shown  on the Website at the time of confimation of the order by the client.

6.2 TOSCANINI accepts only payments made by Visa®, Master Card, Maestro and by PayPal.

6.3. Orders will be shipped only once the client’s credit card data has been verified by TOSCANINI with the bank, and following receipt of the autorisation to debit the credit card. The client’s credit card will be debited only once the order in question has been shipped.

In the event that the Client’s order has not been completed more than 23 days after  the order date, TOSCANINI will in any case debit the Client’s credit card to the value of the amount due, even if this falls before the actual delivery of the goods, in order to avoid the expiry of the transaction authorization (estimated at 24 days).

6.4. At no time during the purchasing process does TOSCANINI have access to information concerning the buyer’s credit card, as this is directly keyed into the site of the bank handling the transaction; as no data is being transmitted, no data can be intercepted.  No data storage at TOSCANINI contains or saves such data. Therefore, TOSCANINI can, in no case, be held responsible for any fraudulent or unauthorized use of credit cards by third parties, owing to payment of the  goods purchased on  www.toscanini.it.

In case of purchases paid via PayPal, on completion of the order the Client will be directed to the PayPal login page. The amount corresponding to the order will be debited to the PayPal account at the time when the order is placed. If the order is cancelled, either by the Client or due to non-acceptance by Toscanini, the sum will be repaid to the Client’s PayPal account.

Security of transactions
Online transactions by Credit Card are executed  directly on  the Bank’s site through a Secure Server protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) system. This protocol, certified by Verisign, enables  communication via a system designed to avoid interception, modification or falsification of the information concerned. TOSCANINI will have no  knowledge of their clients’ Credit Card data.

Limits to the delivery of goods
7.1. Goods will be shipped to the address indicated on the order form.

7.2. For security reasons TOSCANINI cannot ship any order addressed to a Post Office Box.

7.3. Production time for the order, except for particular production periods indicated at the time of confirmation and communicated in the order confirmation, is from 10 to 15 days from the date of the order; production times are intended as indicative and not peremptory and TOSCANINI may vary them according to its own production requirements.

7.4 Production terms vary during periods of suspension of work for summer or Christmas holidays. TOSCANINI shall give appropriate notice of such suspensions on the website.

8.1. Shipping costs will be debited to the client according to the weight and volume of the goods purchased and the shipping destination (destination address).

Shipping costs are shown  together with other costs relating to the purchase at the time of completion of the order procedure, prior to confirmation.

8.2. Once the goods have left the warehouse, TOSCANINI will send and email to the address specified by the client in the order form. This email will contain a tracking code and an exclusive link allowing the delivery to be monitored in real  time.

8.3 Our Customer Service department will assist in relation to any problem concerning delivery; clients may contact TOSCANINI’s Customer Service by email at: client.service@toscanini.it or by telephone at: +39 163 22473

8.4 Delivery times are indicated in the table below:

Country / Area of destination Delivery times Shipping costs Free shipping
Italy 1-2 days € 15.00 for order below € 500 for orders above € 500
Europe 1-5 days € 45.00 for order below € 500  for orders above € 500
Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Andorra 1-5 days € 60.00 for orders below € 550 for orders above € 550

USA, Canada


Custom duties excluded

5-7 days

€ 150.00 or orders below below € 1,500.00

Custom duties excluded

for orders above € 1500


Custom duties excluded

China, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, South Korea 7-10 days

€ 200.00 for orders below € 1,500.00

Custom duties excluded

for orders above € 1500


Custom duties excluded

Southern Emisphere, Russia, South America, Caribbean islands and Saudi Arabia 7-10 days

€ 200.oo for orders below 1,500


Custom duties excluded

for orders above € 1500


Custom duties excluded

Middle East 7-10 days

€ 200.oo for orders below 1,500


Custom duties excluded

for orders above € 1500


Custom duties excluded

Africa 7-10 days

€ 200.oo for orders below 1,500


Custom duties excluded

for orders above € 1500


Custom duties excluded

Other destinations To be confirmed    To be confirmed          To be confirmed


8.5 Deliveries will be made by DHL courier from 9.00 to 18.00 each working day from Monday to Friday.

8.6 In the event of delivery problems or delays in delivery exceeding 10 (ten) working days after the date of confirmation of shipping, clients are requested to inform TOSCANINI thereof by email at: client.service@toscanini.it. TOSCANINI reserves the right not to answer any claims  submitted  more than 10 (ten) days after the date of shipment of the order.

Conformity of the goods ordered
9.1. Goods must be checked at the time of delivery to ensure that they correspond to the articles ordered.

9.2. Any anomaly found at the time of delivery (e.g. tampering with or damage to the packaging, damaged goods, missing articles in respect of the packing list, etc.) must, on pain of invalidity of the claim, be stated directly on the delivery document in the form of hand-written comments and signed by the client.

9.3. In the event that the goods do not correspond to those ordered,  the client must immediately inform TOSCANINI by email at: client.service@toscanini.it and has the right to demand conformity with the order.

No claims submitted more than 8 (eight) days after receipt of the order will be accepted.

Returns and refunds – Withdrawal
10.1. The excercise of the right of withdrawal from the order by the client and requests for return or refund of any article purchased on the Website must be made as follows:

a)Notification regarding any return of goods must be submitted within 10 (ten) days of delivery of the articles to the client by means of a request to be sent by email to service@toscanini.it.
b) Goods must be returned in their original packaging, taking care to use the packing of the individual articles to ensure that they will not get damaged.
c) Transport costs will be borne by the client

10.2. TOSCANINI will check that the returned goods are in their original condition, without prejudice to TOSCANINI’s right to request compensation for any damage to or discrepancy from the goods supplied to the client. TOSCANINI will not be held responsible in the event of loss of the goods returned, shipment to an incorrect address or delay in the delivery of the returned goods; it being understood that the client will accept any risk concerning such shipment.

Responsibility for faulty goods
11.1. TOSCANINI is responsible for any fault in TOSCANINI goods offered on the Website, including lack of conformity between the articles and the goods ordered, in accordance with Italian regulations and law decree no. 206 of 6 September 2005 (Consumer Code, concerning consumer protection, implementing the corresponding EU Directives and, in particular, the principles and procedures laid down by European Directive 1999/44/EC).

11.2. This guarantee is valid on condition that both the following conditions are complied with:
a) the fault appears within 24 months as of the date of delivery of the goods;
b) the client submits  a formal complaint concerning the faults within a maximum of 2 months as of the date when he/she notices the fault.
11.3. In particular, according to article 130 of the Consumer Code, in case of non-conformity, the client will be entitled to restoration of conformity of the products at no cost, by means of repair or exchange, or otherwise to obtain an appropriate reduction in price or alternatively the cancellation of the agreement concerning the goods in question.

11.4. Any claims relating to this guarantee must be notified by email to the following address:
client.service@toscanini.it .

11.5. The costs for returning the faulty goods or for the lack of conformity between the products received and those ordered (wrong article, damaged goods, etc.) will be borne by TOSCANINI.

Limitation of responsibility
12.1. TOSCANINI cannot be held responsible for indirect or consequential damages and, in particular, will not accept any responsibility owing to loss of earnings ensuing from the  purchase of TOSCANINI goods on its website.

13.1. These General Conditions are governed by Italian laws and will be interpreted accordingly, including in accordance with law decree no.  206 of  6 September 2005 (Consumer Code), with particular reference to Heading III (of Part III), Paragraph I, Part II of said Consumer Code as well as law decree no.  70 of 9 April 2003 (legislations on electronic commerce).

13.2 In case of any dispute,  the court of Vercelli shall have jurisdiction.

13.3. TOSCANINI reserves the right to modify or amend these General Conditions and the Privacy Policy at any time. Such modifications or amendments will have effect only as regards purchase orders submitted following the date of modification or amendment.

14.1 For any complaint, further information or assistance concerning the Website or the purchase procedure, clients are requested to send an email to the following address: client.service@toscanini.it
or to telephone the following number: +39 163 22473

Industrie Toscanini S.r.l. Soc. Unipersonale
Via Ing. Catlinetti, 17
13011 Borgosesia (Vicenza)

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