2020 is a special year for us at Toscanini.

It is the year of our centenary. The story of our family from 1920 to now, marked by the visions of four generations of Italian entrepreneurs.

1920-2020: Toscanini and the Art of Hanging

“We could not look to the future with confidence if we did not have a wonderful past to sustain us, nor could we start imagining tomorrow again every day if we were afraid to change in order to improve.”

Giovanni and Federica Toscanini

Our story began in 1920 with the production of knives and continued until after the Second World War, when the company’s present vocation emerged.

Under the leadership of our father, Ettore Toscanini, the first order for clothes hangers was manufactured for La Rinascente in Milan, followed by orders for the most elegant US department stores.

During the economic boom, we expanded our range of products by making room valet stands and deck chairs.

Diversification and expansion are the keywords that marked our production, so much so that in that flourishing period, the 1970s, we even made wooden mules.

Halfway through the 1980s, we took our first steps in the world of high fashion, creating a special model for Valentino. In 1985 we began to use red cedar, a wood that is very much appreciated in the United States, thus becoming suppliers to prestigious stores including Bloomingdale’s.

In the 1990s we went on facing new challenges and responding to new stimulants, experimenting with the use of plexiglass. We entered into numerous partnerships with fashion brands, designing clothes hangers for world-famous visual merchandisers and architects.

In the 2000s we launched new and more modern and contemporary collections for children and created a collection for underwear.

The TsuMisura collection was born in 2010; in 2015 it expanded by bringing the Toscanini Interior collection into being for the residential world.

The Toscanini SuMisura e-commerce site opened in 2010.

Sure of the potential of this project, we set up the Toscanini SuMisura e-commerce platform, a true innovation at that time.

In 2019 our clothes hangers were exhibited at the MoMA Design Store in New York in the Fattobene Pop-Up Shop, the platform devoted to searching for and promoting iconic Italian design objects.

Our bond with art started in 2010 when we were the technical sponsor of various installations and exhibitions. In 2020 we launched the Arte di Appendere (“The Art of Hanging”) competition for students at universities and fashion and design institutes in order to sustain creativity inspired by quality and excellence.

Ci vorrebbe un pluch in più”    (“We need a hair’s breadth more”)

The Toscanini story goes on with us in the quest for new objectives and new goals to attain, inspired as we are by the words of our father Ettore, “we need a hair’s breadth more”, meaning that infinitesimal unit of measurement that makes the difference between something done well and something done excellently.

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