Art and nature in the celebration of Toscanini centenary with Silvano Rotti

Art and nature in the celebration of Toscanini centenary with Silvano Rotti

It was 1920 when great grandfather Giuseppe Toscanini started dealing in timber in Isolella Sesia. Since then, Industrie Toscanini has become an international enterprise, which celebrated a special centenary in 2020, and decided to share this milestone with its friends, contributors, customers and suppliers.

The celebration of the coat hanger

Arte Festival 2020, an exhibition held in Varallo Sesia in September, was an occasion for a special encounter between our hundred years of the coat hanger and the artistic exploration of its essence, involving a number of talented Italian artists, each of whom interpreted the object through their own vision, using their favoured tools of expression.

Fabio Nicola/Homo Faber, Tommaso Verdesca, Daniele Verdesca, Christian Costa and Silvano Rotti created works of art for us, which took the visitors by surprise in the space outside Palazzo d’Adda. Their interpretations showed the coat hanger as part of the world of art, and, in so doing, brought to light that artistic note which is an inherent part of our work. Previously, Anila Rubiku transformed a Toscanini coat hanger into a “work of art”, with an installation presented at the Venice Biennale exhibition in 2012.

Silvano Rotti - Toscanini
Silvano Rotti - Toscanini

Nature takes centre stage with Silvano Rotti

The incredible ability to mould a unique world astounds us in the art of Silvano Rotti.

Silvano lives in Cellio, near Vercelli. He discovered a passion for drawing when he was still a child, while watching his father’s work. Driven by this passion, he became an assiduous visitors of exhibitions of classical and contemporary painting.
In the course of the years, he became fascinated by wood as a living material in continuous transformation.

In Cellio, he is the organiser of the Sculptural Symposium known as “Sculturando” (Sculpting), based on his conviction that training a group of artists from different countries and watching them as they create their works is a great source of satisfaction as well as a form of personal enrichment. For some years now, Rotti has dedicated himself to sculpture, a discipline in which he is self-taught. In a corner of his workshop, among a mass of tools and knives and heaps of shavings, he tries to transform his passion for wood into objects. The figures he creates may be anatomically imperfect, but they are able to express a wide range of feelings, such as affection, love, sadness and aggression.

Silvano Rotti offered us an ironic interpretation of the coat hanger, transforming it into the surprising silhouette of a flamingo, once again drawing our attention to the world of nature. The theme of nature and sustainability also plays a central role in the work of Toscanini, which is committed to reducing the impact of its activities through innovative solutions such as the recovery of scrap materials to heat the factory, the production of clean energy using hydroelectric power, and the use of paints and adhesives which are not harmful to the environment.

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