Tradition, quality and innovation are pillars on which our work rests and which inspire the way we work. Three values that also express our roots in the territory of which we share the industrious and tenacious spirit.



We believe in the value of Made in Italy, not as a mere label, but as a statement of creativity applied to what is beautiful and also useful. Like our clothes hangers, which we have transformed from articles for day-to-day use into objects of design.

Passions are handed down. The great passion of our family for a hundred years has been wood, a fascinating material from which we make clothes hangers and other solutions for hanging clothes, objects which marry design with function.

It is here, at Isolella, in the green heart of Valsesia, that an ancient craft skill meets technology, a winning partnership between expert hands and evolved tools, between creativity and industrial know-how.

We are stirred by a great passion that drives us to always do better in order to obtain that plûch, that hair’s breadth more that our father, Ettore Toscanini, often spoke to us about. He was referring to the infinitesimal yet palpable difference that separates something done well from something done excellently.

We are proud to see our clothes hangers in the boutiques and showrooms of great international fashion houses, in the rooms of the most elegant hotels and in the walk-in wardrobes of so many homes all over the world.

We are always innovating but with an eye to the sustainability of our production:
products developed per year
different types of material used
surplus energy with respect to energy consumed
pots of honey produced by the bees living on our land


Know-how, dedication and experience have been the key to access different markets. Having the capacity to learn from our clients and be proactive, has enabled us to work in diverse sectors, like fashion, interior design, the hotel industry and for private clients, devoting our attention, creativity and an enormous amount of passion to each of them.


We have had an intense relationship with the world of fashion since the 1980s. We work side by side with some of the most important brands to develop hanging solutions that reflect their concept and express their brand values.

We are proud to have many of the best-known names in the global fashion system and in the world of couturiers among our clients. Our clothes hangers and hanging systems blend perfectly with the concepts created by retail professionals. We bring ideas, creativity and implementation capability into play. We understand and fulfil the needs of fashion, its exact deadlines and the imperative of always being able to count on impeccable products.



Experience in the fashion world has inspired us to create a collection of clothes hangers and solutions for the organisation of wardrobes for private clients. These are objects that blend in with the style of those who choose them, to create attractive, well-organised and customised environments.

Why not treat yourself to the great luxury of a perfectly organised wardrobe in which everything is kept with care and in style? The Toscanini Interior collection is composed of clothes hangers made on the basis of the measurements and tastes of our clients. Clothing and accessories may also be stored in elegant boxes, garment bags, shoe trees and scarf rings, all matched to enhance the sense of order and elegance.



The pleasure of entering a well-cared-for and harmonious place is enhanced by the attention that has been given to the choice of details, even the tiniest. With this in mind, we created the Toscanini Hôtellerie collection for hotels and restaurants and their guests.

To feel at home even when travelling is a pleasing sensation; to offer your guests clothes hangers and solutions for hanging or putting away clothing, luggage and accessories that are in tune with the furnishings makes the difference between a nice welcome and making a guest feel at home. Discover the Hôtellerie collection: clothes hangers, room valet stands, standers, luggage racks and welcome gifts in cedar.



A range of products that can be personalised and used as valued corporate gifts. Clothes hangers, delightful fragrance diffusers in cedar, original packet seal and other objects distinguished for their design and the quality of materials, all elegantly packaged.

An original and useful gift such as a set of customised clothes hangers is a way of paying a little more attention to your clients or guests. We create and customise little exclusive symbols of courtesy, bespoke products that get noticed and remembered. A collection of products that can be branded and therefore made unique. An exclusive way of promoting your company and making your mark.



All Toscanini products are just a click away: choose your clothes hangers and customise them so that they speak of you and your style. Explore the solutions for organising your wardrobe or give a special present to someone. We’ll look after everything else.