Logo customisations

We have made the concept of bespoke our own, we have developed a range of customisations to apply the client’s signature to every brand touchpoint, including clothes hangers. Customisation enhances the perception of the value of the product on offer, making it even more unique and special.

With our R&D department, we have created a range of customisations that take each client’s style and personality into account and make it possible to customise clothes hangers in accordance with the concept of the space they are intended to fill.

With the precision of laser marking, we are able to reproduce any type of logo faithfully, even those with subtle and complex details, achieving an impeccable result.

Using the one- or two-colour pad printing technique, we can reproduce any type of design and the most minute details obtaining the same type of definition and faithfulness to the original, even on concave or convex surfaces.

Another way to customise clothes hangers entails applying small plates made of metal, fabric or other materials to which low- or high-relief effects can be given. Plates can also be branded by pad printing with a 2D effect.

Using the coloured low-relief technique, extremely fine effects can be achieved by colouring the logo or the wording engraved in the wood by hand: a much valued production process.

The application of metal lettering has an extremely elegant effect and allows the logo to be matched with the galvanic treatment of the hook making for a more sophisticated look and feel and a slightly three-dimensional effect.