The Hôtellerie collection was born from the idea of offering a full range of clothes hangers and solutions for hanging and storing garments specifically for hotels, restaurants, spas, gymnasiums and clubs, matching and customising each article to provide that feeling of “being at home”.

These collections have different price ranges for each number of stars.

There are places in which attention to detail is an essential part of the welcome concept, the kind of care that make guests feel pampered and welcome.  They include clothes hangers with an elegant design and details that make you appreciate their quality and function; luggage racks of different sizes; Monsieur and Madame valet stands; welcome gifts in scented cedar and standers for big events.


Hôtellerie collection clothes hangers are available in different models, sizes and finishes to blend in with any environment, from the most classic to the most contemporary.

We created the Hôtellerie sector collection thinking of the great hotels in the world, the most refined restaurants and spas, gymnasiums and clubs that want their guests to enjoy an unforgettable experience. Objects with the most modern or the most classic forms, made in a variety of materials and with a wide range of finishes can be customised with various techniques for an even more exclusive effect. There are clothes hangers for men, women and children.



A well-organised wardrobe also needs solutions for hanging and storing every single thing. The Hôtellerie collection includes a number of solutions that are indispensable for making a guest who is unpacking his/her case feel at home.

In addition to clothes hangers, the Hôtellerie collection also offers scarf rings and accessory holders, wooden shoe trees, valet stands for him and her, luggage racks and bag stands for restaurants as well as many other articles. Each object is conceived to match the style of the wardrobe and clothes hangers selected. Rings are also available in versions that can be opened, for example to hang necklaces on; standers are important accessories for meetings and other events and welcome gifts are tangible signs of attention.



The collection could not be without welcome gifts in cedar wood to greet guests and fill drawers with their delicate scent. Another sign of attention that will not go unnoticed.

Welcome gifts in red cedar wood fill drawers with a delicate perfume and have a natural moth repellent action. These small tangible signs of the attention dedicated to guests can be customised with a logo or a greeting, or can be specially made in line with the client’s requests, who can choose decoration and form.



We have made the concept of “bespoke” our own and have created various options to customise our clothes hangers and the components of the Hôtellerie collection.

Customisation enhances the perception of the value of spaces and makes them even more unique and special.



Abbiamo raccolto le nostre collezioni in cataloghi dedicati in cui scoprire la cura che poniamo in ogni dettaglio dei nostri portabiti e sistemi per appendere.

Dai portabiti in legno a quelli in plexiglas, alle collezioni specifiche per l’intimo e per i bimbi, vi invitiamo a scoprire i nostri prodotti scaricando i nostri cataloghi.

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