Season Touch: the new Toscanini collection in collaboration with makeyourhomestudio.

Season Touch: the new Toscanini collection in collaboration with makeyourhomestudio.

La nuova collezione di Toscani con makeyourhomestudio. ispirata alle stagioni: Season Touch

Seasonal changes become even more elegant with the new Season Touch collection Toscanini has created in collaboration with makeyourhomestudio., Roberta Borrelli’s creative interior design research studio.

The synergy between Toscanini and the Studio started in 2019 with the Ca’ Ventiquattro project created for Fuorisalone. It was built on a shared vision of design, a flair for the making of objects and solutions capable of rendering the uniqueness of each individual through a sense of beauty. An aesthetic quest that goes hand in hand with functionality and is always sustainable, as the finest Made in Italy dictates, something Toscanini proudly embodies.

The concept: velvety sensations tell the story of the seasons

The marriage of design, architecture, and communications characterizing the style of makeyourhomestudio. meets the beauty and pursuit of excellence of Toscanini. This project involves Architect Borrelli overseeing the selection of fabrics used for the Season Touch collection, wooden hangers made even more plush with soft velvet in four elegant colors to be launched individually at the beginning of each new season.

“Like a home, wardrobes are a mix of styles telling a story. With Season Touch, I followed the course of the seasons using four different velvets that can reflect a person’s personality from a chromatic point of view,” explains Architect Borrelli. The fil rouge of the collection is velvet, chosen for its unique ability to convey warmth, its particular way of capturing light, and the sense of absolute comfort and luxury it can inspire. A feeling of well-being and refined delicacy is recounted through the four shades of color that narrate the passage of the seasons.

A hanger for every season: the new Toscanini collection color palette

The seasons prompt wardrobe changes, and with Season Touch, the organization of our spaces is even more elegant thanks to four different shades of color. You can refresh your closet in a chromatic harmony inspired by nature. The first color is Grass Green, a shade reflecting spring, a lush green reminiscent of buds about to bloom.

The colors of oak and beechwood velvet-covered hangers are harmonious and intense, capturing the idea of a well-kept, cozy and comfortable home. The hanger is more than merely a “hanger.” The Season Touch collection showcases and narrates the personality of private spaces. A unique symphony of taste and style makes it possible to organize one’s wardrobe according to their own inspiration while making the most of seasonal changes.


The launch of the new Season Touch collection. Get your hanger now!

The rhythms of nature get a bit more chic with monochrome velvet that symbolizes the new twist on the seasonal wardrobe. But hangers from the Season Touch collection can also be joyously paired with designs from other collections for an even more unique closet.

The partnership with makeyourhomestudio. spans a broader selection of products as well, such as, for example, the SuMisura and I Confetti collections, hangers and hanging systems that embrace the philosophy of customizing spaces and can be combined with the exclusive Cecilia hanger from the Season Touch collection in grass green velvet.

The SuMisura collection, made of beautiful beechwood, is the icon of Toscanini’s bespoke line, with sleek models and ergonomic designs. In contrast, the I Confetti, already on display at the MoMA design store in New York, are pure design with a touch of pop. One last homage to the gusto of Roberta Borrelli, who also offers Light Design, a natural oak version, at her atelier’s shop.

Confezione Rovere
Confezione Su Misura

The four velvet-covered hangers from the new Season Touch collection will be available at the beginning of each season in packs of 1, 2, or 6 pieces from our T-shop.

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