Sustainability as a corporate strategy for 100 years. Care of the environment and of people has always been an absolute priority for us at Toscanini. The theme of sustainability is a part of our corporate DNA. It is the long history of our firm that proves it. Starting from the use of wood as a natural, ecological and recyclable material, which we have been working with every day for 100 years. Only wood from responsibly managed forests. The wood we use for our manufacturing processes comes from controlled cultivated land, subject to reforestation in compliance with rigorous environmental standards.

Beech above all, but also oak, lime, ash, Canaletto walnut and red cedar, because for us at Toscanini wood is the symbol of the relationship between nature and man’s work. Not only is the raw material we use sustainable, but so are our finishes, such as oil treatments, natural wax and water varnishes that enable us to use 80% less solvent and thus reduce residual scrap.

A strong link with the Valsesia territory and its people.

Our sustainable approach is also a statement of our love for the land that has welcomed us for 100 years, Valsesia, in total respect of nature and people. More than 30 years ago, we started on a journey towards energy self-sufficiency. A first practical gesture on the part of Ettore Toscanini was made in 1986, when a historic decommissioned hydroelectric power station was put into service again. Now our company is totally independent of the public electricity grid; we only use one-twentieth of the energy we produce every year. This is a result that is part of a larger scale programme for the energy independence of the Alpine valleys. Today our company produces twenty times more energy than it needs.


UNI EN ISO9001. At Toscanini, we protect the environment also by following an organisational system based on agreed rules in order to avoid waste due to manufacturing or management errors. This process, which has involved all levels of our organisation, has enabled us to obtain the UNI EN ISO9001 certification. Our company organisation is not pyramidal, but dynamic and circular, putting human relationships at the centre.

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